Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 May 6 - Bancheros

2012 May 6 - Bancheros, Hayward, CA 

After 63 years of serving generations of diners affordable Italian fare, Banchero's Italian Dinners has closed its doors for good on June 4, 2012.

The restuarant, which employed 33 staff members including some family, Banchero's closed on Monday, June 4.  John Banchero Jr. said he came to make this difficult decision due to several factors including the down turned economy and working countless seven-day work weeks at the restaurant.

Originally opened by his father, John Banchero Sr., in 1948, John recalls working at the establishment at the young age of 13 — starting from the kitchen and working his way up to become owner.

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First off Ken O and I headed over to the Shattuck Theater in downtown Berkeley to watch the documentary movie "The Manzanar Fishing Club".

The movie started at 1:50 PM on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  We headed to Hayward after the movie and arrived at Bancheros around 3:45 PM.
Ken at Bancheros

Checking out their hours

They only open for lunch on Sundays

Bancheros is not a gourmet restaurant.  They just serve old fashion comfort food at a very reasonable price.  At one time there were many, many Italian Family Style restaurants in California, but like the old Basque restaurants they are a dying breed.
Extensive Take Out Menu

More Take Out items
Gobo, Ken and I had eaten here earlier this year but I had forgotten to take photos.  This trip was a last second idea since I had only gotten an email about the movie late Friday night.
Bancheros has been around since 1948
Family Style Dinners include, Soup, Salad with our house Italian dressing, Hors d’Oeurves,  spaghetti and raviolis, your choice of a entrée (which determines the price of the dinner), and
dessert: your choice of orange sherbet, vanilla or spumoni ice cream
The Family Style Dinner is the way to go

They also have Family Style Pasta Dinners.

We had to order a half loaf of Garlic Bread to share.

A very tasty soup

Hors d’Oeurves and the salad

The raviolis and spaghetti

Here's my plate with a piece of Garlic Bread

Ken eating his pasta

We both ordered the Fried Chicken which is a half a chicken.  Since it was still early they even cut the chicken into pieces for us.  We also had a few oven roasted potatoes and veggies.

Both Ken and I did take a lot of the chicken home with us in a "doggy bag".

All this food and drink for $35.29.  Plus we did leave a generous tip.
For dessert a nice dish of Spumoni.

Ken eating his dessert.



  1. I still think the place over by the ocean, when KC shared his Spumoni and shared it, was real good! And I loved their soup and salad! Dinucci's,
    Great blog, still dunno why Ya ain't fat! Must be that cranky machine!

    1. The soup is better at Dinucci's but I like Bancheros better for the rest of the stuff, except the Spumoni is equally as good at both. But Bancheros Garlic Bread is very, very good. Bancheros bread is just better.

      But my favorite is still Negri's in Occidental. See: